Spirit of Manufacturing Award for Innovation & IT Adoption


SenseGiz delivers rapid, IoT-based solutions for sensor based condition monitoring, perimeter security and real time asset/people tracking applications using a combination of proprietary mesh connected hardware, cloud, analytics and an award winning software. SenseGiz uses innovative and advanced technology such as Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 5.0 which is better in accuracy and focuses on adding value to customer's lives every single day by improving productivity and through safety & security.

Spirit of Manufacturing Award-Special Jury Award


Neuphony believes in unlimited potential of human mind and strives toward unlocking it to bring out the best in them. Neurofeedback has been scientifically proven to be a powerful tool to improve the overall health of the brain including improving memory, sleep quality and reducing stress and anxiety. Neuphony brings the benefits of neurofeedback with the help of their headband and a mobile application. The headband measures the electrical activity of the brain and the mobile app based on the sensor data recommends meditation techniques to achieve a desired state. Over sessions it trains the brain on how to achieve the desired state itself.

Spirit of Manufacturing Award for Social Impact


TorchIt is an organization with the mission to empower the Differently Abled community by developing credible yet affordable products/services. The idea originated by having empathy around the troubles faced by the blind/visually impaired persons in their day to day lives causing immense mental trauma for the person, their families and their well-wishers. They started their journey of helping out the community by developing their initial product, ‘Saarthi’, which is an assistive mobility device that helps the blind/visually impaired in detecting an obstacle on their path with a 99.7% accuracy.

Spirit of Manufacturing Award for Woman Entrepreneur of the Year


With an aim of changing the snacking habits of people, Yoga Bar was incorporated in 2015 as a company that makes energy snack bar from natural ingredients. Its snack bars have whole grains and complex carbs, seeds, nuts and protein boost while its protein bars have complete protein, probiotic fiber, omega 3S and healthy fats. They offer health benefits and are completely natural with no additives or preservatives, which is the company’s main differentiator when compared to other brands in the market. It sources its raw materials from farmers across the country. It has worked for over a year to set up the supply chain.

Spirit of Manufacturing Award for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year


IBA has the distinction of having developed a groundbreaking technology for the apparel retail space known as Just in Time Garments Manufacturing (JITGM). JIT is revolutionizing the Garment Industry, addressing the biggest persistent industry problem of ‘Stocking / Inventory’ or warehousing and stock keeping. The technology uses 'demand-oriented production' to produce what is demanded by the market and thus has complete control of the utilization of resources with no wastage of fabric or garment. Moreover, there is no warehousing cost involved as Just In Time Garments Manufacturing is producing only those garments for which the order is received from the customer. IBA's JIT tech has eliminated the need for stock-keeping in all its product sales - Garments, POD fabric, Home Furnishing & Custom stationery & decorations.