Spirit of Manufacturing Award for IT Adoption & Innovation & IT Adoption

Mr. Puneet Jain, Grinntech Motors & Services Pvt. Ltd.

Grinntech Motors & Services Pvt. Ltd. manufacture and assemble Lithium-ion batteries. Their manufacturing facility is in Ambattur, Chennai. They can manufacture the batteries with a total capacity of around 800 MWh annually. They have currently 3 production lines for the micro-mobility, 3-wheeler, tractor, and robotics segment batteries in production. They design, develop, test, and manufacture completely in-house in Chennai.

Spirit of Manufacturing Award for Social Impact

Mr. Nikky Kumar Jha, Saptkrishi Scientific Private Limited

"SABJIKOTHI" is an innovative solution that addresses a significant challenge faced by small and marginal farmers in rural areas. In these areas, poor storage facilities and inadequate transportation systems often result in significant post-harvest losses, which can have a devastating impact on farmers' livelihoods. SABJIKOTHI is a microclimatic based storage solution that offers a range of benefits to farmers.

Spirit of Manufacturing Award for Women Entrepreneur

Ms. Pranjuli Garg, Proplant Foods Pvt Ltd (ProMeat)

roMeat is a plant-based meat company, they manufacture a range of meat substitutes using plant-based ingredients. Their products are designed to mimic the taste, texture, and nutritional value of traditional meat products, while being entirely made from plant-based sources.

Spirit of Manufacturing Award for Young Entrepreneur

Mr. Vikram Singh, TechEagle Innovations pvt ltd

echEagle is a trailblazer in the drone delivery industry. The company has designed an AI and 5G-enabled drone delivery network that can deliver parcels in a matter of minutes to save and improve lives. TechEagle aims to transform the supply chain for maritime, e-commerce, hyperlocal, and healthcare industries by solving last-mile and mid-mile logistics issues using their hub and spoke-based drone delivery network.