Spirit of Manufacturing Award for IT Adoption & Innovation & IT Adoption

Mr. Paras Jain, Indo Wings Pvt Ltd.

Indo wings are transforming the drone industry by building systems and hardware that change the way drones were ever seen before. Their technology eliminates the need of a pilot to fly the drone and make the whole system to be smart enough to fly without any human intervention and even do the tasks autonomously, process the information and provide the final report to its owner. Their PILOTLESS technology targets the market segment where operational cost of doing any drone operations on the field is around 60% of the total project cost.

Spirit of Manufacturing Award for Social Impact

Mr. Mohit sardana, Asli Ayurveda Wellness Private limited

Asli Ayurveda Wellness are Contract Manufacturers of Ayurvedic Formulations, Herbal Cosmetics and Nutraceuticals with their world class facility in Karnal (Haryana). They addresses critical challenges in the Ayurvedic manufacturing ecosystem, primarily focusing on two major issues: the widespread lack of authenticity in Ayurvedic products and the inconsistent adherence to WHO GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) norms.

Spirit of Manufacturing Award for Women Entrepreneur

Ms. Stuti Sidhu, I-Gro Energy Pvt. Ltd.

I-Gro Energy helps the environment to get rid of plastic in the most useful way possible and solving two problems at once. First is plastic waste and the second is depleting non renewable energy sources. They manufacture BS Standard 6 Diesel, Furnace Oil and Carbon. Diesel is sold to local farmers for agro machinery and vehicle, furnace oil is sold to local industries to run boiler while carbon is sold in local market for industrial purposes.

Spirit of Manufacturing Award for Young Entrepreneur

Mr. Dheeraj Kumar Tiwari, CapGrid Solutions Private Limited

CapGrid is a cloud manufacturing start up for the direct material spend for automotive and industrial manufacturing. Their deep and agile capabilities in Design & Engineering, Cloud Manufacturing and Dynamic Fulfilment drives the procurement consolidation, sourcing, manufacturing, quality assurance and OTIF delivery for every single part they cater. Their proprietary AI/ML driven SC Intelligence portal gives end-to-end visibility and traceability to customers and suppliers till the last leg with all the key metrics illuminated. They use the unutilized production capacity of their supply partners in asset light model and get the components manufactured under their ownership.

Spirit of Manufacturing Award for Jury's Choice

Ms. Ruchi Gupta, Barbrew Beverages Pvt Ltd

Barneys is India's first refreshing alternative to beer, wine and cocktails. The drink is a zero sugar/ low calorie/ no carb alcoholic product crafted precisely with elements like jasmine & lemongrass making the blends premium and unique at world level. In other words, it's a perfect thirst quencher, a combination of sparkling water mixed with alcohol and infused with natural and premium flavours. You can also call the seltzers "Tipsy Water".